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Take full advantage of a full 3 months discounted services from British Telecom, there’s currently 2 great options for you to choose from, you can go for the phone and broadband package or the phone, broadband and vision option. Both packages come with massive savings, option 1 is just £7.99, this entitles you to unlimited calls to UK landlines at weekends, free voice mail, free customer support helpline 24 hours a day seven days a week and no connection fee at all for new lines, the broadband that comes with this great deal gives you download speeds of up to 20Mb and a 10GB monthly usage, this is enough for the average user, you can put your connection to the test now by clicking the offer bar below and visiting The second option available with this discounted deal is the complete package, get everything the first option gives you plus a Vision+ box, this really is a super product, it offers you access to a whole new world of TV, pause, rewind and record live digital TV at the touch of a button plus have access to a huge library of the latest blockbuster films, it’s just like having your local video shop in your front room and the best thing is you only pay for what you want to watch unlike Sky and Virginmedia. Order option 1 or 2 online for the biggest savings, click the offer bar below to find out more or visit today.

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Choose from a selection on greatly discounted deals at and get your first 3 months subscription heavily discounted online today. There's no connection charge and if you're currently with another supplier and you fancy taking advantage of this fabulous offer, BT will transfer the lot for you, find out more by clicking one of the images above or going to If you're thinking of going for the complete package, please note there is a £15 one off payment for the Vision+ box.