O2.co.uk/sim-extras – SIM Only Deals

O2.co.uk/sim-extras – SIM Only Deals

If you love your phone and do not see the need to upgrade but are looking for a better package then look no further as here we have one of the best deals around. No matter what you use your phone for you will be able to find a superb sim only package. O2.co.uk/sim-extras have everything you need in a package, and are specifically designed for your phone from iPhone, BlackBerry, Smart Phones or standard handsets. All you do is choose the length of tariff from 1 to 12 months, the amount of data allowance plus the amount of minutes and texts you want. O2.co.uk/sim-extras is really the best deal around if you don’t want to upgrade your current phone, plus if you take the month by month tariff you have the freedom to change your phone and tariff whenever you need to. To find out more about the amazing O2.co.uk/sim-extras click below.

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Other Information About O2.co.uk/sim-extras – SIM Only Deals

O2.co.uk/sim-extras is the best deal around for those who are happy with their current phone and don’t want to upgrade.  With so many different kind of options around you can choose the length of your contract from month to month or 12 months plus the amount of calls, texts and the amount of data allowance you will need each month.  If you go over your monthly allowances then do not worry as you can continue as normal and pay for all additional usage, the same as you would on a full contract deal.  O2.co.uk/sim-extras have listened to what their customers want and need from a mobile phone provider and offer ne of the best services and networks about.  O2.co.uk/sim-extras also has some fabulous bolt ons for you to add to your account from calling from abroad to data abroad increases giving you preferential rates along with a higher data cap on your account, you need to be very careful when using your phone overseas, make sure you keep data roaming off when you do not need it as it soon adds up and can work out to be very expensive.  If you call abroad on a regular basis you can opt for Family Bolt On giving you unlimited calls, texts and picture messaging each month.  Take a look for yourself and see what O2.co.uk/sim-extras can offer you just click on the link today.