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Other Information About are definitely the market leaders in supplying top quality produce to some of the best restaurants around the world and have now started sharing their food with the general public. Now you can get their fabulous meats, fish, desserts and ready meals delivered directly to your home at remarkable prices. Their Traditional Steak Selection is their most popular offer and it is easy to see why. From just £29 you can get fabulous cuts of steak and save over £35 in the process. This amazing selection of steaks includes 2 ribeye steaks weighing approx. 190g each. Along with 2 sirloin steak, again each weighing approx. 190g, plus a 150g Pave rump steak. Also included are 4 pave rump medallions, with a combined weight of approx. 240g. You may think that’s a good deal but wait there is more! You will also receive 6 mini steak burgers and 4 pork sausages completely FREE of charge along with a How to Meat Perfection booklet. All this will be carefully packed and delivered completely FREE of charge. This really is an amazing deal from the Scottish Butcher, who was awarded their fabulous Royal Warrant for supplying their produce to Kensington Palace.  Enjoy fabulous steaks in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the normal cost; one thing is for sure you will not be disappointed! To find out more about this wonderful deal from just follow the banner bar above today.