Take a look at these fabulous blooms that will make your garden come alive this summertime. Move over Marigolds as these wonderful plants at the new alternative that will give you an abundance of colour and beauty. They will start to flower around midsummer right through to autumn until the first frost. is offering the 12 beautiful Penstermon ‘Wedding Bells’ Mixed plants to brighten up your garden this year, you can get all these wonderful plants for just £9.99, saving you £4.99 on the normal price or 24 plants for just £14.99. They are also offering the revolutionary TomTato plant that will give you over 500 sweet tasting tomatoes along with a fantastic crop of white potatoes from the same plant. Make the most of these fabulous plants and special offers from and click the banner bar below for all the information you need to place your order.

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It is no wonder is the market leader in mail order plants as here they have a couple more fabulous suggestions to fill your garden with this year. The Penstemon ‘Wedding Bells’ Mixed is the new Marigolds and Snapdragons! They offer an abundance of colour and blooms from midsummer right through to the first frost of the autumn months. They have been carefully breed to make sure they last in borders longer by being slug tolerant and weather resistant. You can get 12 plants for just £9.99 or £14.99 for 24 plants. They are also offering the fantastic TomTato plant that will yield more than 500 juicy, sweet tomatoes along with a crop of delicious white potatoes, all from the same plant. This revolutionary plant has been created specifically for so you won’t be able to get it anywhere else and can be yours for only £14.99 per plant. All plants will be supplied as garden ready plugs and delivered over the next couple of months. Follow the banner bar above to find out more.