They say they are a girl’s best friend but usually the hefty price tag isn’t! So here we have found the perfect solution that will give you an impressive piece of jewellery at a very affordable price. These beautiful gems have been scientifically developed to look just like the ones mined, even the experts won’t notice straightway! is the ideal choice when looking for something spectacular that will not require a second mortgage! They have a fantastic selection of solitaire and Trilogy rings perfect for any occasion, and perfect to be given as a gift. These wonderful gems all vary in price with some of the latest offers starting at just £39 for a 1-carat solitaire ring or the fabulously stunning 2-carat Trilogy ring. Plus if you order now you will receive a brilliant cleaning kit that will help keep your gems beautifully clean and sparkly! Click the bar below to find out more about these amazingly beautiful pieces of jewellery from

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Other Information About is the very best way to get a stunning piece of jewellery for a fraction of the normal price. All their gems have been scientifically developed to make sure they look at stunning as the top-graded mined diamonds and other gems. The Tru-diamonds are ethically produced to make sure they are kind to the environment and are fully conflict free. They have a number of special offers on at the moment including the beautiful 2-carat Trilogy ring for just £48 or the simply stunning 1-carat solitaire ring for only £39. They also have a 2.5 carat Tru-emerald ring for as little as £99 plus various other rings, earrings and necklaces all at fabulous prices. These diamonds and gems are so close to the top-graded mined ones even the experts won’t realise. These can make great presents for loved ones or even special occasions such as proposals, anniversaries and special birthdays. Even top celebrities even wear these fabulous gems and no-one is the wiser! They also offer 90 day guarantee so if you are not entirely happy then you can send them back and receive a full refund. Enjoy these amazing special deals from and click the link above today see all their stunning jewellery, all at amazing prices.