Take a look at this amazing offer where you can get a beautiful, stunning shrub that will take pride of place in your garden, outdoor space or even balcony. The wonderful pink goblet blooms look absolutely fabulous when in full bloom and will be something you look forward to every year! This amazing Magnolia Standard shrub can be yours from as little as £9.99, with, saving you a massive £20! If you buy 2 of these wonderful shrubs then you will save £45! The Magnolia standard requires little or low maintenance apart from a bit of pruning every now and then to keep the shape. It will only grow to about 1.5m in height, making it perfect patios, decking and balconies. They also have great deals on secateurs at the moment, where you can save on a set, which are perfect for heavy or light pruning. Also take a look at the Chempak Year Long Fertiliser to give you Magnolia shrub the best start in its new home. is a fabulous deal so click the below link today to make sure you do not miss out.

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The stunning Magnolia Standard from is currently on special offer and only costs £9.99. This is a massive saving of around £20 and that saving can increase to £45 if you were to buy 2 at the same time. These look so pretty once in full bloom and will take pride of place in your garden or will make fabulous presents to loved ones! The stunning Magnolia Standard will only grow to around 60” or 1.5 metres high, making it very low maintenance and perfect for smaller outside areas such as patios, balconies and decking. They could even be placed right by your front door or front garden gates, anywhere that takes your fancy! They flower spring time and the stunning pink goblet shaped flowers look breath-taking when all out together. They give of a beautiful fragrance at the same time and when not in full bloom the luscious green leaves will look fantastic for the rest of the year. is also offering a saving of £7 on a great set of secateurs, perfect for all the pruning you need to do each year. All orders will be delivered straight away as 1m tall trees, all you will need to do it to plant in your favoured spot. Make the most of this amazing off and click the above banner bar today to find out more.