The barbie is warming up nicely with scrumptious food ready to be cooked on it, all you need now is the perfect accompaniment to you meal. Here we have a wonderful, hand-picked selection of some of the finest reds about at the moment. They all have a little bit something to offer but, one thing is for sure, they will all be the perfect addition to your evening. is offering a fabulous selection of Barbecue Reds at an amazing price for you this summer time. 12 bottles of some of the best reds about have been included in this fantastic selection and also comes with a massive saving of £36, plus FREE delivery, saving you a further £7.99.  Each box includes Stars of the New World, which is their No. 1 seller at the moment, including Australia’s Black Stump and the wonderful Waxed Bat from Argentina. Many more fabulous wines are also included in the, simply click the banner bar below to find out more.

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Here we have a fabulous new offer from where you can get the fabulous BBQ Reds for just under £72. You will receive 12 bottles of some of the best wines from the New World selection including the No1.  best seller the Black Stump from Australia or the delicious Waxed Bat from Argentina. Also included is the Cabalie from the South of France or satin-smooth Corsiero Nero from Southern Italy. Also part of this amazing selection is the wonderful El Bombero from Spain and the Quinta do Espirito Santo from Portugal. You will save £36 on this amazing selection and also get it delivered to your door completely FREE of charge, saving you a further £7.99! This amazing selection of BBQ Reds have been carefully handpicked to make sure you get the best wines to accompany your summer dining and with each bottle costing around £6 each it really is a deal you won’t want to miss out on. Do not miss out on the amazing selection of BBQ Reds, perfect for delicious summer drinking, you can find out more about the fabulous offer from by simply clicking the banner bar above today. Do not miss out on this fabulous special deal, we know you will not be disappointed!