Take a look at these fabulous reds that have been handpicked by the experts to make sure you get one of the best collections about, at an affordable price. They are the perfect accompaniment to tasty lamb and hearty pasta dishes. If you order all 12 today you will receive a fantastic discount, making each bottle less than £5. has joined forces with the National Trust to offer you these special deals on 12 these 12 bottles of fabulous red wine are from vineyards across the globe. From southern France to the bottom of the Andes Mountains in Chile and Southern Italy. Enjoy these wonderful wines either on their own or share with friends, we know you will love them. They offer a great money-back guarantee that means if you are not 100% happy with any of the bottles they give you a refund or replacement. Do not miss out on this special offer from, simply click on the bar above for all the details.

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The National Trust and latest offering is a fabulous selection of red whiles. They all come from sun-drenched vineyards in the south of Italy, the bottom of the Andes Mountain in Chile along with the wonderful vineyards in southern France. The fabulous Domaine Brenac, the Joseph Castan and the Domaine Rivoire Lalande come from the beautiful hillside in France and are the perfect accompaniment to lamb dishes. There is also the bestseller from the Tarapaca Estate in Chile with the succulent and rich Don Cayetano. Also, there are some of the finest wines to come from the Italian countryside, the Tarantella which is perfect alongside pasta dishes. The means you can 12 bottles of fabulous wines for just £59.88, making them just under £5 each. Place your order today to take advantage of their FREE delivery, saving you over £7 on standard delivery prices.  The 100% money back guarantee means that if you are happy with one or any of your bottles then you will receive either a full refund or a replacement; please make sure you check their terms and conditions for further information. Click the link below to find out more about this amazing offer and these wonderful Merlots.