These amazing plants will definitely take pride of place in your outside living area this summer and for many more to come. These extraordinary bulbs produce one of the most spectacular displays once in full bloom and will be simply breath-taking when you first see them. This amazing offer from is offering the stunning Tree Lily bulbs with fabulous savings. Five bulbs of the beautiful Lily Pretty Woman costs just £7.99, down from £12.99, ten bulbs costs just £14.99, down from £25.98. These are 3 gorgeous varieties to choose from, these are the stunning Pink Explosion, the beautiful Yellow Rocket and the ever popular Starburst. Alternatively there is the Tree Lily Collection for only £9.99, this wonderful collection is made up of 3 bulbs of each of the 3 beautiful varieties. Each of these beautiful bulbs grow to around 71ins and produce the largest blooms you have ever seen, around 8” wide and produces around 30 gigantic blooms each year. These fabulous savings from are time limited so click the link today to place your order whilst stocks last. Delivery will be over the next few weeks.

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The gigantic Tree Lily Pretty Woman bulbs are now on special offer with This amazing offer will get you a wonderful collection of beautiful tree lily’s at an amazing price. Prices start at just £7.99 for 5 bulbs, or you can double up and get 10 bulbs for only £14.99, against the normal price of £25.98. There is the fabulous Tree Lily Collection for only £9.99. This includes 9 bulbs, made up of the 3 beautiful varieties that includes the lovely Starburst, the beautiful Pink Explosion and the stunning Yellow Rocket, all of these look wonderful on their own or mixed together. They are perfect for filling and adding height to flower beds and borders and also will look right at home in patio pots and containers. These magnificent bulbs produce the most amazing lilies, they grow to around 71” and have the biggest flower head of around 8” wide. Each of the bulbs will produce over 30 flower heads each year, creating the most amazing displays. The huge flower heads are supported by thick, sturdy stems. These really are amazing bulbs that produce a spectacular display and will soon become a talking point of your garden. This fabulous offer from will save you money on the Tree Lily collection, so why not click on the above banner today to place your order. We know you will not be disappointed.