These wonderful climbing shrubs will fill your garden with glorious blooms throughout the summer months. Its stunning, eye catching blooms are full of orange shades and be a delight to see when in full bloom. The wonderful Campsis ‘Indian Summer’ is on special offer at the moment with and you can save £10 on the normal price. This wonderful shrub loves to climb so planting by a fence or a wall is a must. It will bloom apricot and orange trumpet shaped flowers from May right though to September. The Trumpet Creeper is a vigorous grower without being invasive and will grow to around 1.5 metres or 5ft high, it might grow even higher if you let it! The stunning Campsis ‘Indian Summer’ or Trumpet Creeper from will be despatched as a 1 litre potted plant and delivered over the next few weeks. To place your order or to find out more just hit the banner bar below today.

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The stunning Campsis ‘Indian Summer’ can be yours for just £9.99 with this amazing offer, saving you £10 on the normal price. This amazing plant will bring glorious shades of orange and apricot trumpet shaped flowers from May to September. The beautiful Trumpet Creeper loves to climb and is best placed by a wall or fence allowing it climb rapidly without taking over your garden. They love warm sheltered places in your gardens and will also thrive in clay soil. Each plant will grow to around 1.5m or 15ft, you can keep them smaller if you’d prefer. The lush green foliage and beautiful trumpet shaped flowers will look simply stunning in your garden this year. is also offering pocket sized garden snips for just £3.99, saving you £4 on the current price. These are perfect to keep your Trumpet Creeper trimmed along with other plants and shrubs in your garden. Their fabulous Incredibloom fertiliser are the perfect addition to your garden and will help promote flower growth up to 400%. Full details on the stunning Campsis ‘Indian Summer’ can be found by clicking on the banner bar above.