If you like to grow your own fruits and vegetables then you are going to love this fabulous offer from the market leaders in mail order plants and gardening essentials. This great deal will allow you to grow some of the sweetest and delicious fruits you will have ever tasted. Growing your own not only gives you better tasting food, it also gives you great self-satisfaction that makes them taste even better. is offering the fabulous Raspberry Ruby Beauty plant for just £8.99, saving you £1 on current prices. If you want more, 3 will only set you back £17.99, saving just under £12! This fabulous variety of raspberry trees are dwarf in size and will only grow to around 3ft or 1m tall, making them perfect for small outside areas. They can be planted in pots or borders, where ever takes your fancy! The Raspberry Ruby Beauty is only available through, so click the link below today to find out more.

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Other Information About is offering the fabulous Raspberry Ruby beauty tree that will give you an abundance of delicious and juicy raspberries during the summer months. These wonderful dwarf plants will only grow to about a metre tall so are perfect for pots or planters and placed around the patio or decking, or even placed on a balcony! These amazing trees will be delivered straight away as garden ready trees, meaning they can be planted outside straight away. Why not take a look at the fantastic pots also on special offer, one 30cm pot will set you back £9.99 and 3 are only £19.99, giving you one FREE of charge. Also if you use the Incredicrop fertiliser with your raspberry trees you could get up to 400% more berries over the summer months. Enjoy over 1.5kg of wonderful, juicy raspberries from the market leaders, The above link has all the details you need to place your order, why not check out all their other special offers at the same time.