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Take a look at these fabulous plants that will look fantastic in any garden or outdoor space. They will offer an abundance of greenery throughout the year and once planted need very little maintenance. They can be planted straight into the ground or into pots scattered around your patio or decking. is offering each of these amazing evergreen varieties for only £8.99 or you can get all 6 for just £23.94, saving you £30. If you subscribe to Amateur Gardener you can save a further 10% on the offer price with The varieties include the Hypericum, Skimmia Japonica and the Ceanothus plus the Emerald Gaiety Euonymus, Choisya tenata and the Blonde Beauty Enonymus. All shrubs will be delivered as 9cm potted plants and are best kept inside until the weather warms up for planting. Save yourself money this year with these fantastic evergreen shrubs from, follow the link below for all the details you need to place your order.

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Other Information About & has teamed up with the Amateur Gardner weekly magazine to offer you a fantastic deal on evergreen shrubs. Save over £30 when you purchase all 6, one of each variety, alternatively you can buy them individually. If you are a subscriber to the weekly magazine, Thompson-morgan.com561 will save you a further 10% on the offer price. All shrubs will be delivered in a pot and be approx. 9cm in height, they can stay in the pot, be transferred to another or planted directly into borders or beds. They do suggest they are kept in a warmer environment until the frost has passed. The fabulous varieties include the Skimmi japonica ‘Rubella’, Ceanothus repens, Choisya ternate ‘Sundance’. Plus the Euonymus ‘Emerald Gaiety’ & ‘Blonde Beauty’ and the Hypericum ‘Orange Flair’ are included.  These wonderful evergreen plants and shrubs from will look amazing in pots and confined spaces around your outdoor living space. They require very little maintenance, just a trim every now and them to get them back into shape. Do not forget to claim an additional 10% with if you are a subscriber. The above link has all the information on these beautiful plants including instructions on how to place your order.