Growing your own plants from seeds can be quiet difficult and if you don’t have enough space you might find your house turning into a garden centre. We have found the perfect solution for you that you can use from the very start and the best bit is that once you have finished it can be folded away, ready for next year. has a fabulous 6’ x 6’ foldaway greenhouse available for only £99, saving you £50 off the normal price. This fantastic foldaway greenhouse is based on a pop-up tent design making it very easy to put up and take down and once folded it can be stored away for next year. It is perfect for growing plants outside before they are ready to be planted in the ground, plus they make the ideal growing location for tomatoes. What is more your order will also include £50 worth of flower seed FREE of charge. You will not find a 36sq.ft greenhouse anywhere cheaper so make the most of this amazing deal from and order today, follow the link below for more information.

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Other Information About has come up with the perfect solution for those who struggle with space or don’t want to pay a lot of money. Here they are offering the 6’ x 6’ foldaway green house that can be put up and ready to use within 10 minutes. This idea is perfect for those who only want a greenhouse for part of the year and what is more it can be folded down and stored for next year. The fabulous idea is based on a pop-up tent design and makes putting up and dismantling a breeze. It is perfect for sowing and growing seeds or saving until the small plants are ready for the next stage just before being planted outside once the frost has finished for the year. You can also grow your tomatoes and other fruit and veg that needs to be grown in the warmth. You can get your hands on this brilliant greenhouse with an amazing saving of £50 plus you will receive £50 of seeds FREE of charge! There isn’t much do not know about gardening so why not make the most of this fantastic offer, once you have used the foldaway greenhouse you will wonder why you haven’t bought one before. Click the above banner for all the information including all the other special offers at the moment.