Take a look at these wonderful plants that will definitely take pride of place and be a talking point in your garden this year. This amazing plant has been cultivated to make sure it looks simply stunning and something you would not have seen before. It loves borders and flower beds and also loves patio pots and containers. The stunning Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ Mixed from can be yours for as little as £7.99, saving you 50% on the normal price. Alternatively they also offer a collection of 3 beautiful plants, one of each variety, for only £9.99, giving you a massive saving of just under £35! Each of these stunning plants will produce huge, beautiful, silky flowers measuring up to 8” or 20cms across. These amazing plants come from the tropics but they also love the cooler climates the UK can provide and will bloom every summer for many years to come. Do not miss out on this amazing offer from and get the beautiful Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ mixed. Click on the banner bar below today to find out more.

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Other Information About has an amazing selection of exotic plants for you this year, ones that will fill your garden full of some of the biggest blooms you have ever seen. The amazing Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ mixed can be yours for as little as £7.99 for a single plant. If you opt for the collection of 3 Hibiscus Luna, one of each variety then you will only pay £9.99, saving you over £34 on the standard price. These amazing blooms offer unmistakably large silky flower heads that can measure up to a massive 8 inches or 20cms. Even though they are exotic they are specially cultivated and love the cooler British weather, they give you stunning flowering displays every July and August for many years to come. Your order will be dispatched over the next month or so as 2 year old bare root plants, each plant will have 3 buds on. They will grow to around 60cm or 24” high. They are loved by bees, butterflies and birds and are very easy to grow in flower beds, borders and patio pots. also offer a full money guarantee should you not be happy with any of your order. Click on the above banner bar today to place your order, we know you will not be disappointed.