This beautiful plant will offer glorious colours in your garden throughout the winter months. It has large clusters of buds that when they open up offs stunning nodding blooms through autumn to spring every year. Throughout the summer it loses its leaves whilst the rest of your garden bursts into full boom. The stunning Clematis ‘Napaulensis’ from is the perfect plant to have in your garden. With this special offer you can get one for £14.99 or for just 1p you can double up and get 2! These wonderful plants love to grow in sheltered positions next to a trellis, wall or fence and require very little maintenance. Once you have placed your order it will be delivered as a garden ready plant in a 7cm pot over the next few weeks. Thompson-morgan/comtsop1049 is also offering their wonderful 2-part frame, pot and saucer, perfect for the beautiful Clematis ‘Napulensis’ to grow in. Do not miss out on this amazing offer to double up for just 1pm, click on the link above today to place your order.

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The stunning Clematis ‘Napaulensis’ can be yours for as little as £14.99, if you want 2 then pay just 1p more with this amazing offer from This wonderful plant starts to bloom in the autumn, usually around September time. The beautiful stems create large clusters of buds that are waiting to bursts into wonderful, cream bell-shaped flower heads with stunning red and purple anthers hanging down. Once in full bloom they will not only look amazing but smell fabulous too. When the spring arrives they will lose their leaves whilst the rest of your garden bursts into wonderful colour. They are very low maintenance and only require a little bit of pruning to keep their amazing shape. Each plant will thrive in shaded areas and love having something like a wall, fence or trellis to grow and climb up. Each will grow to around 3 metres high with a spread of around 15 metres. Delivery will be over the next few weeks as garden ready plants in a 7cm pot. Take advantage of their beautiful patio pots that come with a 2 part frame, perfect for your clematis to grow around. To find out more about the beautiful Clematis’Napaulensis’ from just click on the banner above today.