During the winter months your garden can look a bit drab, lacking in colour and fragrance, but thanks to this very special offer you can now have beautiful blooms that will last throughout the winter. This rare plant comes all the way from parts and China and Nepal and is used to growing in very cold climates. is offering the stunning Clematis Napaulensis for only £9.99, save you ££ on the normal price, if you buy 2 then you can save a massive £15! These beautiful multi-coloured flowers throughout the winter months and bring fabulous colours to your otherwise dormant garden. Offering beautifully fragranced bell shaped flowers from November through to March each year. Enjoy beautiful flowers in your garden this winter thanks to, click on the banner bar below today to find out more.

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Other Information About is offering the stunning Clematis Napaulensis for just £9.99, or £14.98 when you purchase 2. These wonderful and unusual plants originate from Nepal and certain parts of China and are not commonly found in the UK. They are very happy with growing in winter conditions, making them perfect for the UK climate. Each of these Clematis Napaulensis offer stunning bell shaped blooms from November to March each year. Each will grow up to around 10ft high or 3 metres high and requires very little maintenance and will look fabulous in a sheltered location in your garden or on the patio or decking, or even a balcony. is also offering the Tower Pot, perfect for your climbing Clematis to grow in. It offers a 2-part frame that will support your plant as it grows. To find out more about this amazing offer just click on the banner above today, but hurry as this offer will not be around for long.