Most people think hanging baskets are just for the summer time but they are wrong, as we believe they can be used all year round. With the right type plants you will be able to produce fabulous displays that will brighten up the cold and dark winter months. The Pansy ‘Cool Wave’ are the best trailing plant about and will give a wonderful array of stunning colours for 9 months of the year, and perfect for your hanging basket. With this amazing offer from you can get 40 Pansy ‘Cool Wave’ plug plants for just £14.99, and get 40 additional Pansy’s FREE of charge. These wonderful plants are very winter hardy and will be able to cope with whatever the UK winter weather throws at them. Once received these beautiful plants can be planted in your desired location, from window boxes to hanging baskets. Enjoy this amazing Buy 1 get 1 FREE offer from and click on the link below today to place your order.

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The Pansy ‘Cool Wave’ will be perfect for your winter hanging baskets this year. They are the best trailing pansy about and know the wonderful golden, mauve, white, violet and berry shades will look simply stunning when in full bloom. This amazing buy 1 get one FREE offer from means for £14.99 you can get 40 plug plants and receive an additional 40 plug plants FREE. Once planted, they require very little maintenance, apart from a bit of deadheading every now and then. Plus once they are in bloom they will continue to bloom for around 9 months of the year. Being winter hardy they can easily cope with our winter weather and withstand temperatures as low as -25 degrees! Plug plants usually require a little bit of time to develop before planting, however no need to worry as full care and planting instructions will be included. Enjoy the fabulous displays you will get from these amazing ‘Cool Wave’ Pansies from Placing your order has never been easier; simply click on the link and follow the instructions and your order will be delivery over the next couple of weeks.