This wonderful plant will take pride of place wherever you decide for it to live. It will look fabulous by the side of your front door or in your conservatory, patio or even balcony. The stunning pink blooms will give a beautiful, exotic, warm feel to your garden or living space. They love being neglected and left to simply grow and give a wonderful Mediterranean feel. is offering the fabulous Oleander with striking hot pink flowers that will brighten up your outside are. This wonderful plant is very easy to go and requires very little or no maintenance. The Oleander is hardy and can cope with temperatures as low as -6c. These fabulous exotic plants are supplied as well established 3ft tall plants and are ready to be planted in borders or placed in pots and used to liven up conservatory’s, front doors and even balcony’s! only has a few of these wonderful plants available for you at the amazing price of £19.99 or if you buy 2 you can save even more and pay just £29.98. These beautiful plants usually retail at around £40, so make sure you make the most of this fabulous offer. Click the below link to find out more.

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Other Information About has the fabulous Oleander plant on sale for just £19.99 each or you can buy 2 for just £29.98, making them £14.99 each! These stunning plants usually retail around the £40 mark so you are definitely getting a fabulous deal. The exotic Oleander plant has beautiful hot pink flowers that look simply stunning; they look perfect placed outside your front door or in your conservatory. They can also look amazing on your balcony or simply placed around your patio, no matter where you decide they will definitely take price of place. They require very little maintenance and unlike most plant, they thrive on being neglected! Being fully hardy means they can cope with temperatures down to as low as -6c. These fabulous plants will be delivered over the next few weeks as full established 3ft plants in 5 litre pots and are ready to be planted or re-potted. Enjoy this amazing deal from and also take advantage of their bonus offer. Get a pair of the stunning Canary Island Date Palms for just £14.99, these wonderful plants will grow to around 80-100cm tall. Enjoy these amazing offers from and click the link above today.