Here we have a unique kind of deal designed specifically for those who share their living accommodation whether they are at University or just renting together to save money. The service available is second to none and will allow you to do all your favourite things regardless of what the others are into. will not only give you superfast fibre optic broadband where up to 4 of you can play online at the same time, you can download a movie or TV program or have a video game with your gaming friends. Downloading music and films at super speeds is also possible along with going online through Skype or other methods to keep in touch with your family and friends back home. There are a few deals to choose from to make sure you get the package to suit all your needs and you will even get a £40 gift card when you sign up, perfect for going towards your food or booze bill! Just click on the below link to find out more about, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Other Information About has been specifically designed for, you guessed it, flatmates! Whether you are at University or everyday life sharing a place together, oh and you don’t have to live in a flat either! The packages available will give you the fantastic unlimited broadband, meaning you will not get any usage caps or have your speeds slowed down. With this fabulous unlimited broadband 4 people can happily play their favourite games online at the same time, or you can download music and films at super-fast speeds. There are plenty of different types of packages to choose from to suit your needs, from the standard deal to the superb BT Infinity service offers the fantastic fibre optic broadband service with unlimited upload speeds as well. Plus you will get a FREE £40 gift voucher from Sainsbury’s for you to spend whenever you want either in store or online. The package has a little something for everyone no matter what you or your mates like. If downloading films and music is your thing and gaming online is one of your house sharers or if you all like shopping and social networking. Take a look today to see what their fabulous deals they have around at the moment by clicking the above banner bar.