If your current contract is coming to an end or you want a contract instead of the Pay As You Go SIM then carry on reading as we have found the perfect offer for you. Here we have the very latest handset that everyone is talking about, at an amazing price along with low monthly payments. The O2.co.uk/iphone5 deal means you can get your hands on one of the fantastic iPhone 5 most popular phones about at the moment all for an amazing price each month. You can get your hands on this fabulous phone for just £29.99 and your monthly payments will be £32 per month. Click on the banner bar below to find out more about this truly amazing deal from O2.co.uk/iphone5.

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Here we have a fantastic chance for you to get your hands on the very latest iPhone 5 with O2.co.uk/iphone5. Unlike most other companies, O2.co.uk are offering this wonderful handset from just £29.99 and then your monthly payments will be from £32 per month, dependant on what kind of package you need. The iPhone 5 is the very latest addition to the iPhone portfolio from Apple and has increased capability along with an 8 megapixel iSight camera and 1080p HD video recorder along with a 4 inch Retina display along. The phone will give you up to 8 hours talk time along with up to 225 hours standby time. The internal memory starts from 16GB and goes up to a massive 64GB perfect for storing all your tunes, movies and photo’s. This really is a superb offer from O2.co.uk/iphone5 and the perfect chance to get your hands on this fabulous phone. To see all the information about this phone including instructions on how to sign up just click on the banner bar above.