This offer is perfect for this time of year and will help keep the inside of your property cooler. It is very lightweight and quiet, ideal for overnight use. It is compact enough to move from room to room. It also has a 2kw fan heater to help keep you warm during the winter months. This fabulous sea-breeze air cooler and heater unit from can be yours from just £99, saving you £50 on the RRP price. You will also receive 2 additional freezer packs FREE of charge with each order. This amazing cooling unit has a powerful 60 watt evaporative motor and an air filter that will help remove pollen, smoke and dust. It has 3 airspeeds and a timer that will run for up to 7.5 hours. If it is hot outside it doesn’t mean it has to be hot inside, so make the most of this offer from Click on the banner below to place your order, but hurry as this fabulous saving won’t be around for long.

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Other Information About will save the day with this amazing Sea-Breeze Air Cooler and Heater. It has a power 60 watt evaporative air cooling system that will help keep you cool this summertime, along with a fantastic 2kw fan heater to help keep you warm in the winter. It is incredibly light and quiet, making very potable and perfect to move from room to room. Using a cooling unit like this has never been easier and all you need to do is fill the 8 litre water tank, and then just select the power setting and switch on, it really is as simple as that. The fan will swing around 180 degrees so you don’t have to worry about air not circulating properly or it blasting out cool air in just one direction. There are 3 flow speeds along with a timer that can run for up to 7.5 hours! The handy air filter will help with anyone suffering dust or pollen allergies as it will help remove these imperfections, along with smoke. It has a great, easy to use remote control that will help you to operate it from the comfort of your bed or chair. This really is a fabulous deal from and the perfect way to save £40. To find out more and to place your order simply click on the link above today.