This fabulous method is revolutionising the way we grow fruit and vegetables at home. We all agree there isn’t a taste better than growing, picking and eating you own produce as well as saving you money at the same time. These fabulous fruits and vegetables from will give you up to 75% more crop than the standard plants. They have a fabulous offer on the Ultimate Grafted Vegetable Plant Collection; receive 12 super-plugs of 6 fantastic varieties. The grafted vegetables will give you an earlier crop and have the ability to grow outdoors without any additional heating. You can choose from tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and melons along with aubergines and squashes. Grafting a plant is pretty easy, where two plants are grown together, on being a juicy, tasting variety and the other having a super strong rootstock. They are then carefully cut and attached to each other, with a small special clip holding them together; this amazing process has fantastic results. Make the most of this fabulous offer and save over 50% on a selection of grafted plants from Click on the link below to place your order.

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Other Information About is offering over 50% off their wonderful selection of grafted vegetable plants this year. The Ultimate Grafted Vegetable Plant Collection includes 12 super plugs of the 6 delicious varieties that will definitely provide you with a fabulous crop throughout the year. These amazing, hand grafted plants will give up to 75% more produce along with a longer fruiting period and a greater resistance to diseases and pests. Grafting has been around for a while, however Suttons.couk/ara17 seem to have the perfect process. They skilfully combine a fruity and tasty small plant to a super-strong rootstock and then allow the plant to grow. We love everything about growing your own as they always taste and look much better than supermarket bought ones, plus they will cost less. There are plenty of plants to choose from, all with the fabulous savings. The most popular are all the tomato and cucumber varieties along with aubergines, plants, along with chillies, melons, sweet potatoes and squashes. Click the above link today to take full advantage of this amazing offer from for the Ultimate Grafted Vegetable Plant Collection.