Planning a beautiful summer garden takes time and patience but thanks to fantastic offers like this, you will find all you need at your fingertips. These wonderful plants will look fabulous in patio pots window boxes and flower beds all, giving you an abundance of beautiful blooms all summer long. This amazing offer from means you can get the Begonia ‘Bumper Pack’ for a fraction of the standard cost, saving you just under £20 in the process. This amazing collection of Begonias has 10 plants of the 3 beautiful varieties that include the Double Flowered Mixed, the Giant Picotee Mixed and Pendual as well as the Fringed (Fimbriata) Mixed. You can also buy a stylish large patio pot and saucer for just £9.99. Enjoy this fabulous deal from and make sure you click the link to see all the other special offers currently available.

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This amazing offer from means you can get a fabulous bumper pack of Begonias from just £19.99. This means you can get 40 tubers that will fill your garden or outdoor living space full of beautiful blooms all summer long. This wonderful collection includes 3 different varieties from the Giant Pictotee Mixed & Pendula along with the Double Flowered Mixed and the Fringed (Fimbriata) Mixed. These wonderful tubers are so easy to grow and require little maintenance. They will grow to around 30cm high and will look simply stunning in pots or containers, flower beds or even window boxes. If 40 are too many for your outdoor space then you can always purchase smaller quantities from 10 tubers for just £9.99, obviously the bumper pack means you will get more for your money. also has a fantastic selection of stylish patio pots and saucers, perfect for your begonias and scattered around your decking or patio area, you could even have them on a balcony. Enjoy beautiful plants and flowers from a company you can trust, click the link today to find out more.