Here we have an all-time favourite that will bring you beautiful tiny white flowers throughout the wintery months this year and for many years to come. It not only looks wonderful when in full bloom, it also smells amazing and will be a welcomed delight in your outside living area. This amazing plant is now on special offer with One Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ plant costs just £14.99, or you can double up and get two beautiful plants for only £15, that is just 1p more! The beautiful Winter Beauty Clematis is a firm favourite, as it loves to climb and produce beautiful displays along with smelling simply amazing. It will come to life in December and last till February, longer if the growing conditions are good. is also offering a Tower Pot that is perfect for your new clematis to grown and climb on. This amazing offer is only around for a short while so to make sure you do not miss out on the beautiful Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ click on the link below today to place your order.

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The stunning Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ is the perfect plant to have in your garden during the gloomy winter months. has a wonderful offer on at the moment where you can get one of these fabulous plants for just £14.99 or two at £15, meaning you can double up for just 1p. This beautiful plant will spring to life just as other plants in your garden start their dormant phase, during the winter months. It offers beautiful, white flowers that smell absolutely amazing and will be a pleasure to have in your outside living space. The gorgeous Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ is a delight to have and is very easy to grow as long as there is something for it to grow up. Will throve by fences and walls along with trellises. is also offer a £10 saving when you purchase two of their beautiful Tower Pots. These are the perfect pots for the winter clematis to grow up and look stylish at the same time. All of these wonderful offers are only around for a short while, so to make sure you do not miss out simply click on the banner bar above today to place your order. Delivery will be over the coming weeks.