At times buying plants for you garden isn’t as easy as it may first seem, with some plants needing an extra bit of help to grow bigger to plant out. This can mean some plants don’t make it or windowsills are filled up around the house. Greenhouses are the best way forward but some of us may not have the room or money for one, or only need one every now and then so would be a waste of money. This novel idea from brings you a less expensive solution and one that saves a lot of space. They are offering a Complete Mini Greehouse Cloche Ste for just £19.99, saving £15 on the standard price. This amazing set gives your plants and vegetables the perfect protection throughout the year. Smaller and baby plants can be planted out sooner without the risk of being eaten by birds or flying insects. They can be made as long or short as required and with the ends on it will prevent any smaller animals crawling in. This amazing offer from the fantastic Complete Mini Greenhouse Cloche Set is only at this low price with for a short while. To take advantage and to place your order click on the link above today.

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The fabulous Complete Mini Greenhouse Cloche set is now on special offer at They usually cost £34.99 each but thanks to this amazing offer they are only £19.99, giving a saving of £15. These amazing mini greenhouses are perfect for giving your plants, fruits, and vegetables protection all the way through the year. They also will help protect from birds, animals, and flying insects. Each section has an adjustable air vent and an integral way of collecting rainwater. The set includes two cloches and 2 ends along with the stakes required to keep them in place. They are 40cm wide, 80cm long, and 21cm high, making them perfect to protect smaller and younger plants. It will give them a chance to develop and become established outside rather than taking up valuable room inside on windowsills. It also removed the need to invest in a full sized glass greenhouse. Do not miss out on this amazing offer for the Complete Mini Greenhouse Cloche Set from Click on the link above today to place your order and to enjoy the fabulous savings. They will be dispatched within 24hr of you confirming you order.