This gorgeous plant will produce the most spectacular display when in full bloom every year. It offers an eye-catching range of contrasting colours that complement each other perfectly. The beautiful flowers will burst open from July right through to September and be a vision of beauty! The stunning Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Glam Rock’ (Horwack) is at a fabulous price at the moment with For only £9.99 you can get one of these beautiful plants, pay 1p more and you can get 2! They are also offering a fabulous Hydrangea ‘Glam Rock’ Collection for £14.99, saving you just under £12 if you were to purchase separately. The collection includes a Hydrangea ‘Glam Rock’ plant, 1 beautiful pot with matching saucer and 100g Colourant. The Hydrangea Colourant is a fabulous lime-neutralising fertiliser that helps produce strong and healthy plants. All these fabulous offers from are only around for a few more days, so click on the link today to place your order.

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The wonderful Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Glam Rock’ (Horwack) will produce the most spectacular display this year and for many years to come. is offering this beautiful plant at an amazing price you will find hard to resist. Each plant costs only £9.99; if you purchase 2 then you will only pay 1p more, 2 for £10. They also offer a fabulous Hydrangea ‘Glam Rock’ Collection that includes 1 plant, one beautiful pot and matching saucer, along with 100g of their amazing lime-neutralising Hydrangea Colourant. You can get all this for only £14.99, saving you £11.98 of you were to purchase everything separately. The beautiful brushed metal finish patio planter pot is perfect for your Hydrangea’s to grow in, it has a lovely lattice design and a large saucer. Each of these cost £9.99; is offering 3 for just £19.99, saving you just under £10. These wonderful strong shrubs also love flowerbeds and borders where they can simply blossom and grow. They require little maintenance and have a height and spread of around 120cm. All orders will be despatched over the next month, and your plant will be ready to be planted our as soon as you receive it. Click on the banner bar above today to place your order, we know you won’t be disappointed.