Take a look at this fabulous selection of plants that will fill your garden with beautiful blooms this year. They are firm favourites in any garden or outdoor living space and offer fabulous colours and fragrances throughout the summer months. All these blooms give a little bit something different in terms of height and spread but all will complement each other. is giving you the chance to get an amazing selection of 86 plug plants for only £29.96, giving you a saving of over £30 if you were to buy them separately. This amazing selection includes 21 of each of the 4 varieties that include the stunning Begonia Apricot, the Geranium Jackpot Mix, the Busy Lizzie Divine and the Petunia Frenzy Mix. Enjoy a garden full of blooms this year courtesy of; click the banner bar above for more information and how to place your order.

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The deals and special offers keep coming and this one from is no exception. Get 86 plug plants that will fill your garden with an abundance of colour this year. There are 4 fabulous varieties included and you will receive 21 plug plants of each one. This amazing selection will cost only £29.96, saving you £30 in the process. The varieties include the Busy Lizzie Divine, Begonia Apricot Illumination, Petunia Frenzy Mix and the Geranium Jackpot Mix. All will be delivered as garden ready plugs, with established roots and come with instructions of what to do next along with details on how to get the best from your plants. All these plants will look great anywhere you decide to plant them, including baskets, borders and patio tubs. All they need is a bit of regular watering and a trim every now and then, making them so easy to look after. They are also offering a fabulous deal on their amazing hanging basket, that allows you to fill it from the outside in, causing less damage to your new young plants. Two of these great hanging baskets are only £9.99 and a pack of 4 is only £17.98! Enjoy all these fabulous offers from just by following the above banner bar today.