This wonderful plant will give you an abundance of blooms throughout the spring time and smell absolutely fantastic. It is a delight to see, with its bright scarlet flowers giving the most wonderful display. When not in bloom the beautiful lush green foliage will make a striking contrast. This amazing Azalea Standard from will bring your patio or decking to life every year from March and with this offer you can save money. It will grow really well in pots or containers on patios, decking or even on a balcony, they love being outside so wherever you fancy. also have a great selection of pots on special offer at the moment, including their beautiful metallic pots. You can also get some of their amazing Incredibloom fertiliser that will help boost flower growth by around 400% per year. Do not take our word for it on how beautiful and stunning this plant is, click on the banner bar above today to find out more.

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This beautiful Azalea standard can be yours for as little as £9.99 with this fabulous offer from The amazing Azalea will give you fantastic vibrant red flowers throughout the spring and summer months for years to come. Unlike most shrubs and plants it will still look wonderful with lush green glossy foliage on display. It will thrive in pots and containers scattered around your patio or decking, if you are lacking in space you could even grow one on your balcony. These wonderful plants will also make very welcomed gifts for friends or family and with this offer now is the best time to buy. also has a great selection of pots, perfect for your new Azalea. For instance, take a look at the beautiful metallic affect pots and saucers that will really complement your plant. Whilst ordering do not forget to invest in some Incrediblooms fertiliser that will help promote grown and blooms by around 400%. What is more all your order will be despatched the next day. has so much on offer at the moment, it would be a shame for you to miss out. So to make sure you don’t just click on the above banner bar today to place your order.