They say small things come in little packages and this has never been a truer saying. If you have found some phones are just too big but others are too small we think we may have found the perfect one for you. The iPhone has always been the most popular phone around but times are changing and the Samsung Galaxy S III range is becoming a close competitor. The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is now available and here you can get it from Vodofone.co.uk/GS3mini for just £17.50 per month, the handset will be FREE. This amazing packaging includes 300 talk minutes, 250MB internet usage along with unlimited texts. There is the option to upgrade your package to get an extra 500MB internet usage for just £5 per month. The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is small and compact but has all the capability of its bigger brother. The Vodafone.co.uk/SG3mini offer is only around for a short time so to make sure you do not miss out click on the for more information.

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The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is the new phone in town and you can get it for FREE from Vodoafone.co.uk/SG3mini and pay just £17.50 per month. For this you will get 300 minutes talk time, increased from the usual 100 minutes along with 250MB internet usage, again increased from 100MB. You will also get unlimited UK texts; there is a small charge for any texts sent overseas. The Galaxy S3 mini is one of the best phones about at the moment and only weighs 120g plus has a decent 8MB internal memory. The 5 mega-pixel camera takes impressive photos for you to enjoy with others on the superb 4 inch screen. The phone is perfect for taking action shots as it takes 8 photos in a quick burst to ensure you get the best shot. You can also quickly link to social media sites including Twitter and Facebook and keep in touch with friends when you are on the move with instant messaging. Vodafone.co.uk/sg3mini have really pulled it out of the bag with this little gem so to make sure you get your very own handset for FREE just click on the above banner for more information.