If it is time to upgrade or you do not have a contract and want to get a decent phone then carry on reading. Here we have a fabulous chance to get one of the best phones about for a fraction of the normal costs but hurry, as this offer will not be around for long. With Vodafone.co.uk/iphone you can get the superb iPhone 4 for FREE and then just pay a small amount each month whilst getting 600 minutes, 500MB Internet and unlimited texts per month.  The brilliant iPhone 4 looks stylish in both black and white plus it comes with a 8GB memory. This offer beats all of their other contract rates for this phone plus you have the flexibility to upgrade to a package that gives you a little bit more or you could opt for the fantastic iPhone 4S instead. Contract lengths vary from 12 to 24 months. Signing up is simple with Vodafone.co.uk/iphone, just click on the link below and follow the online instructions.

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Vodafone.co.uk/iphone are offering unmissable deals on the iPhone 4 for a limited time. Not only will you get the fabulous iPhone handset completely FREE of charge you will also get a massive 600 talk time minutes, unlimited text messages and a whopping 500MB of UK internet all for just over £20 per month, just over £12 per month cheaper than normal prices! This comes in about £4 per month CHEAPER than their base package where you get only 100 talk time minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB internet each month plus you will have to pay for the iPhone 4. You can choose from the classic black or stylish white handset and both come with a wonderful 8GB storage, perfect for your photos and tunes. You can choose between 12 or 24 month contracts but the 24 month contract will be cheaper in the long run! These fabulous deals are available to all customers whether new or existing, plus upgrading and purchasing online is pretty simple. There are options to upgrade your iPhone 4 for more inclusive bits each month plus you could even decide to upgrade to the amazing iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 has a fabulous touch screen that we guarantee once you have used you will not want to use another phone! The phone has a camera with a video option plus you can connect via Wi-Fi, networks and Bluetooth, making sure you can keep online wherever you are in the UK. Plus there is the data roaming function for when you are overseas, but please be careful as these charges can work out to be very expensive. . The iPhone 4 really is one of the best phones about and to make sure you do not miss out on this fabulous offer from Vodafone.co.uk/iphone just click on the above link today.