This fabulous plant will produce an enormous colour-changing ball when in full bloom. It will look simply spectacular and will definitely be a focal point in your garden or outside living space. Its wonderful tiny flowers will create a magnificent ball that starts a delightful lime green, before changing to a pure white and then back to green again. The Tree Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ comes with a fabulous saving from The incredible Incrediball will grow to around 12” across and will last for most of the summer; it will grow back bigger and stronger every year. It is completely winter hardy and requires very little maintenance, apart from a bit of watering and pruning every now and then. Each beautiful Tree Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ will be supplied as a 20cm tall plant and come in a 14cm pot. It can be planted out as soon as it is delivered. Do not miss out on this amazing plant from and click on the link below today to place your order.

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The stunning Tree Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’ from really will become the focal point of your garden. It offers small delicate flowers that change colour as they grow and form a massive ball, around 12” across. The beautiful flowers start off a delightful lime green colour and change to a pure brilliant white, before changing back to lime green. As the plant grows the flowers will change colour at different times, offering you a beautiful display. They have stronger stems than the standard hydrangea plants, which are robust enough to cope with the extra weight. Once they start to bloom the displays will last all the way through the summer and they will grow back bigger and stronger year after year. They are fully winter hardy and can cope with all the elements our UK weather gives us. These wonderful flowers can also be dried and used as a display; there are so many options! Do not miss out on this amazing offer from and the Daily Express for the stunning Tree Hydrangea ‘Incrediball’. Click on the banner above today to place your order and to take advantage of this amazing offer.